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Make Your MEP Design Better Using Autodesk CFD Simulation

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    Autodesk CFD software is a great simulation tool for solving practical problems of MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) design for commercial buildings. In this class, you will see simulation strategies and techniques as applied to MEP design analysis to achieve better designs. We will share our experience of actual projects where Autodesk CFD has been used to zero in on effective ventilation in a diesel generator room; to gain insight to arrive at desirable smoke exhaust design for life safety in a public space; to improve design layout of a basement car park for acceptable ventilation; and to troubleshoot water leakage in an airport roof by rainwater flow simulation. You will learn how airflow and thermal simulations from Autodesk CFD are used to demonstrate the performance of MEP design. You will understand how results visualization and extraction tools are useful for spotting design issues and fixing them cost-effectively. We will also highlight advantages, best practices, and limitations while using Autodesk CFD for the MEP design process.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how air flow and heat transfer can be modeled in MEP design analysis
    • Understand application-specific simulation strategies and techniques
    • Learn how to highlight key results from Autodesk CFD analysis to demonstrate MEP design performance
    • Discover advantages and limitations of using Autodesk CFD for MEP design