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    The pandemic has faced us with unknown situations that has prompted us to change our way to do many things, including our job. The AEC industry has found necessary to adjust its methodologies to meet the global productivity demands and adapt to the new standard of remote work and decentralized digitization of data. AutoCAD has been known for many years in the industry, but we have seen new methodologies taking relevance in the market; we talk about Revit and with it, we must involve BIM. Revit is a Tool for BIM. With Revit we have most efficient construction practices by allowing us to make a more structured and closer to reality initial planning, it allows collaborating among many people even without being on site, which improves execution time. By being an intelligent 3d model-based process there is less room for mistakes, less rework, thus translates into productivity and therefore relieves financial pressures helping us to get more profits. ¿What could be better?

    Key Learnings

    • 1. Differences Between Revit & AutoCAD
    • 2. Why to make the Switch / Benefits
    • 3. Basic requirements for starting with Revit.
    • 4. How to make the switch / Tips