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Level Of Development (LOD) 2016: When to Draw the Line (and Where to MODEL IT!)

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    The presentation will provide an in-depth discussion of fabrication and Level Of Development (LOD) from the 2016 AGC BIM Forum LOD Specification featuring one of the specifications’ authors. It will address model elements at the different stages in a building lifecycle: design, construction, and ownership. The framework of the discussion will consider the LOD Specification that defines models on a scale of 100 to 500, with a particular focus of LOD 350, which the speaker originally authored and introduced to the LOD Specification committee. The content will discuss how architects, mechanical engineers, construction managers, subcontractors, and fabricators use structural element models. This will demonstrate how to use the newly issued LOD Specification to define team expectations of what should be modeled. We will show practical examples of model detail issues, along with effective approaches to resolving the challenges using the LOD Specification as an early Building Information Modeling (BIM) planning tool. This session features Revit and Advance Steel.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover what a model element Level Of Development (LOD) for design is
    • Understand what the AGC BIM Forum LOD Specification 2016 is and how you can address LOD in projects with it
    • Understand how the LOD Specification can be used with design and construction teams to lower risk
    • Understand why LOD discussions are crucial early in a project