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Laser Scanning During Construction: Five Case Studies Demonstrating Practical Use

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    Laser scanning is nothing new. The tools have been around for years now, but the spread of incomplete knowledge about the technology has created a stigma that devalues its true capabilities. As with any “new” piece of technology, the value is limited by the implementation and workflow more than the tool itself. This class will provide five examples of uses demonstrated on projects this past year. The focus will be on practicality—where time and labor are often short on construction sites—and simplicity. Whether we want to determine the plumbness of a wall, or the flatness of a slab, or we want to back check as-builts of brick ledges, tie utilities into an existing building, or create a template of a repetitive room for quick modeling and coordination purposes, this class will explore what it takes and what we got from it—unfiltered.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to apply laser scanning to assist QC efforts in the field
    • Learn how to determine use cases where laser scanning can improve workflows
    • Learn how to identify opportunities to demonstrate innovative thinking on construction projects
    • Learn how to build new workflows entirely to decrease rework and increase productivity