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Laser Scanning for Contractors: Is This Real Life?

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    We will discuss ways in which Holder Construction has harnessed the power of laser scanning and related reality capture technology to supplement existing Building Information Modeling (BIM) workflows. Laser scanning has the potential to fundamentally change the way in which we plan and coordinate construction work and interact with our built environment. While the technology may be relatively new to our industry, there are many high-value opportunities to use laser scanning to enhance our workflows and provide better-quality products to our owners at the completion of our projects. Software discussion will include integrating laser scan data into AutoCAD software, ReCap software, Revit software, and Navisworks project review software.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover how Holder uses laser scanning before, during, and after construction to improve the quality of project delivery
    • Learn how to take back the value proposition of laser scanning and discover how it can impact your business's efficiency and construction quality
    • Discover ways to use laser scan data across various Autodesk products including AutoCAD software, ReCap software, Revit software, and Navisworks software
    • Learn how to integrate laser scanning into your workflow, either through rental of the service or purchase of your own equipment