Lecture    FM2589
From Laser Scan to Facilities Management: A Workflow Case Study
Aaron Maller
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The inclusion of point cloud support inside Autodesk® Revit® software means that documenting existing facilities is now easier than ever…hypothetically. With the advent of facilities management software and operations and maintenance databases reaching out to Building Information Modeling (BIM) for visualization and representation, the workflow seems obvious. Follow us through a real example of taking a building with no drawings from laser scan data to intelligent model, then to a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) database, and finally to facilities management tools.

Key Learnings

  • Push the Revit model export into facilities management software and tie it to a CMMS database
  • Describe the limitations of the process and explain what to expect upon delivery from providers
  • Work with laser scans in Revit to build a model
  • Populate a Revit model with data for management downstream


 Aaron Maller
Aaron Maller
Aaron is currently the BIM Manager at The Beck Group, specializing in Revit Implementation. His current role includes streamlining use of the program, exploiting its efficiencies amongst the Architectural Design, and Construction groups at Beck, as well as Revit Infrastructure Management and Training for all users. His work experience includes Implementing and Support Revit in a variety of offices, and using Revit for all phases of Architecture (from Design to Construction including fabrication), on projects of varying scopes and genres. Passionate about Revit and Architecture, he's an avid contributor on AUGI (twiceroadsfool) RevitForum.org (twiceroadsfool) and is active in the Revit Community.

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