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Landscape Architecture Revit Workflows for Collaboration and Documentation

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    Of all the design disciplines in the construction industry, landscape architects have been left behind the furthest by BIM. Too often, the BIM model of the building allows high-quality coordination but is let down when it comes to Landscape Architecture, going back to relying on 2D workflows. We at Gensler's largest Landscape Architecture studio based in London have been developing a workflow to work in BIM/Revit for the past 4 years. This presentation is a summary of the work that we have been doing, shown with real-world Landscape Architecture projects from around the world. We will show our end-to-end workflow for Landscape Architecture from concept to production documentation including how all the forms of documentation, including drawings, specifications, and schedules have been handled in Revit. We'll also demonstrate how we've been using third-party software such as ArtisanRV in our production process to further streamline our workflow. Through this presentation we hope to be able to demonstrate how Revit can not only be used for Landscape Architecture but how it can be integrated into the virtual design environment.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn current methodologies in bringing Landscape Architecture into Revit
    • Document Landscape Architecture workflows in Revit
    • Model hardscape and softscape in Revit
    • Explore future possibilities of Landscape Architecture design in BIM