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Journey to Site Scan: Lessons Learned Building Drones for Construction

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    Learn from an engineer's perspective how 3DR-a drone technology company-leveraged the Forge API and more to build Site Scan, the leading drone data platform for construction and engineering professionals.<br /><br /> <br /><br />Nick Speal, a software engineer at 3DR, will explain the technology behind Site Scan, discuss the challenges and opportunities in creating software for AEC, and show how the new BIM 360 Forge APIs are helping 3DR customers keep data in sync across their team. For those who are looking to bring new technologies on-site and take advantage of reality capture data, this will be an insightful session on how drones came to take the industry by storm-and where they're going next.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand how aerial images are transformed into orthomosaics, meshes, and models using the Reality Capture API
    • Understand how deviations between as-built and as-planned are analyzed using the Design Automation API
    • Understand how deviations and rework requests are automatically communicated using the BIM 360 API
    • Understand how to share site progress in 3D using the LMV API