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An Introduction to Scripting in Stingray (3ds Max Interactive)

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    AR/VR is a hot topic, and creating these kind of experiences require some knowledge of Real-Time engines. To go beyond simple templates and add interactivity, simulation and immersion, Stingray (3ds Max Interactive) offers different tools such as Flow, Stories and scripting. This last method is by far the most efficient and customizable, but can seem intimidating.<br /><br />The session will be led by myself and facilitated by Paul Kind, who has been through the entire process of leaning scripting from scratch in Stingray (3ds Max Interactive).<br /><br />This class is aimed at introducing scripting in Stingray (3ds Max Interactive)as a means to add interactions in your Immersive Experience and improve productivity. There is no pre-required knowledge of scripting, though a familiarity with Stingray (3ds Max Interactive) is required.<br /><br />We start with the very basics, explaining concepts like variables, tables, and API calls, and move towards how scripting is integrated into Stingray (3ds Max Interactive) to create simple interactions via custom Flow nodes.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to write your first line of script in Stingray
    • Learn how to create a first custom flow node
    • Understand core scripting concepts through a concrete example
    • Discover a good organization structure to scale into larger projects