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Interactive Patient-Room Experience in VR

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    Let's see how the interaction in virtual reality (VR) brings your team and your client more understanding of the project and more constructive feedback! Interactive Patient Room Experience in VR is giving great opportunities to medical professionals to understand the layout and the overall clinical flow within the units, which helps designers create functional clinical spaces that elevate the patient and staff experience. As an alternative to costly physical mockups, we have built an interactive patient room that is fully responsive to the user's preferences. Experiencing the interactive environment in a virtual world helps medical professionals load different 3D medical equipment, change materials and finishes, and understand the relationship of the equipment with the users. we'll show you several examples where we used VR as an interactive health-care planning and design tool.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the importance of interactive VR models in solving design issues in clinical spaces
    • Learn about the pipeline while developing an interactive VR model from an intelligent model
    • Discover the advantages of an interactive VR model over a physical mockup
    • Discover the opportunity to use VR for programmatically challenging spaces