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Integrating Survey and Reality Capture into the Infrastructure Lifecycle

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    This class will discuss the different roles of survey and reality capture in the infrastructure lifecycle. Using Topcon Magnet, ReCap software, Civil 3D software, and InfraWorks software, we will integrate survey data into the predesign, design, construction, and as-built processes. By capitalizing on modern survey technology, we will discuss the benefits of rapidly deployed 1-person survey crews and how they can quickly and accurately gather data and share it in real time using cloud-enabled workflows. Using photogrammetry (UAV and land based), LIDAR, laser scans, and ground-penetrating radar, we can streamline 3D modeling using point clouds to increase efficiency and quality of survey data. We will outline how to automate survey workflows to generate surfaces, linework, and features using reality capture. Finally, we will identify the benefits of streamlining survey workflows and integrating them into every stage of the infrastructure lifecycle.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to identify the primary role of survey in the predesign, design, construction, and as-built process
    • Learn how to set up dynamic one-person survey crews using cloud-enabled workflows
    • Learn how to establish workflows for field to finish using reality capture, automated linework, automated feature extraction, survey database, and feature code libraries
    • Learn how to integrate survey data into accurate 3D designs, as-builts, GIS, and asset management