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InfraWorks Bridges the Gap for Structural Modeling
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This class will cover the workflow for using InfraWorks software, with Inventor software and Revit software, for bridge modeling. It will cover what you can do with the software today, as well as what will be available in the near future. We will use a data set from a pilot project that uses this workflow. We’ll discuss the steps your company can take to move out of a 2D world, and the lessons learned from the pilot project, and we’ll show how the project team can work together with an integrated model to manage change. Lastly, we’ll discuss the key differences between using this workflow and using Dynamo for Revit software to model bridges.

Key Learnings

  • Discover the workflow for modeling complex civil structures using Civil 3D, Inventor, and Revit
  • Discover the steps your company can take to get started with this workflow
  • Gain an understanding of the lessons learned by going through this process
  • Learn the difference between this workflow and using Dynamo for Revit



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