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Indoor GIS: Keeping Your CAD/BIM Data and GIS Data Synchronized

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    An indoor geographic information system (indoor GIS) is a comprehensive geospatial system designed to create, manage, analyze, and map indoor data. It enables a shared understanding of your facility operations, leading to improved efficiency and engagement. Serving as a foundational digital twin, indoor GIS enables visualization, wayfinding, analysis, and management of interior spaces within buildings. This industry talk will focus on the consolidation of project-based CAD/building information modeling (BIM) floorplans into an indoor GIS, which can then function as an operational system of record. You'll gain insights into strategies for updating project and operational data as they change over time. And you'll discover various tools and techniques to support data synchronization workflows that align with your organization's specific strengths and requirements.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how data moves between CAD, BIM, and GIS over time.
    • Discover options for ensuring data integrity in the system of record.
    • Get a list of tools and techniques for data management and quality control.
    • Identify common conditions that can negatively impact data integrity