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Implementing BIM 360 Docs to Support the New ISO 19650 Series of Standards Using BIM

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    The ISO 19650 series contains the latest industry standards and best practices for the management and collaborative production of information using Building Information Modeling (BIM) applying a shared repository, known as a common data environment (CDE). Enabling technologies are needed to achieve the functional and nonfunctional requirements of a CDE and support the activities within the information management process. To ensure Autodesk customers have the technology they need, Autodesk engaged a leading authority on information management when using BIM and the author of ISO 19650-2 to assess BIM 360 Docs software. The outcomes of the review included product enhancements and a recommended configuration to support the adoption of the ISO 19650 series. This class will cover the outcomes of the review process and provide an introduction to the ISO 19650 family of standards with a road map of future developments.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the functional requirements for a common data environment in accordance with the ISO 19650 series
    • Learn how to reproduce the recommended configuration of BIM 360 Docs to support the adoption of the ISO 19650 series
    • Discuss the drivers behind the current and future standards within ISO 19650 series and the benefits of adoption
    • Recognize how a CDE can support the collaborative production of information in accordance with industry standards