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Human Building Information Modeling

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    Dealing with multigenerational and multidisciplinary teams around a single source of information that needs input from most of the stakeholders is one of the most difficult tasks I've encountered in my professional life. Most of the firms making decisions about Building Information Modeling (BIM) implementations are more focused on the technology, as well as what software to use, how much to pay the BIM manager, and how much to pay for infrastructure—and the firms take for granted that everyone will be very excited and all over the models. Well, I have bad news: not everyone will. You need a very well-studied strategic implementation plan regarding the human side, the collaboration, and the new processes. In this lecture I will show these difficulties divided by specific groups of stakeholders, and we'll cover some analysis and strategy around them based on real experiences in the matter. Having an integrated and motivated team is more efficient than having excellent technology without cooperation.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand aspects of the human side of BIM
    • Identify different human obstacles in the BIM process
    • Learn strategies to sort out human obstacles in the BIM process
    • Discover different ways to integrate/balance a BIM team