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How to Avoid Wasting Water and Energy with the Help of BIM and GIS

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    In 2018, Italian Railways launched a project to help its 630 stations meet sustainable management standards, leading to savings in water and energy use. FSTechnology, a division of Italian Railways, integrated Esri and Autodesk software to improve workflows for survey, design, and maintenance of its railway stations. Interoperability between Autodesk Construction Cloud, Civil 3D, and Esri ArcGIS enables a digital twin of the entire network. A GIS web app of the whole Italian network, including every site and station, was developed to monitor the status of the entire system. An interactive dashboard allows the management team to keep an eye on the KPI and take action whenever needed. FSTechnology is currently working to include Autodesk Tandem in the workflow to collect data from IoT devices, such as meters or sensors.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about integrating GIS and BIM tools to improve sustainable management.
    • Learn about collecting and managing data to enable a digital twin.
    • Learn about connecting workflows, data, and teams to monitor the status of the entire system.
    • Learn how to automate processes from survey to construction.