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How Schneider Electric Is Leading the Way in Smart Building with BIM Transformation

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    <p>Schneider Electric has become a thought leader in electrical BIM (Building Information Modeling) for residential buildings, office buildings, factories, and data centers. The firm&rsquo;s strategy was to transform the business strategy and operations to target the market of building owners/operators, planners, and the installation industry with a BIM approach. The new Technopole headquarters in France was built as a LEED-certified building. Several marketing campaigns used it to show the value that BIM creates in electrical. In this session, we will cover the following items: how to adjust the BIM process to your targeted customers with a customer success plan; how to train 2,000 internal employees with an adoption plan; how to scale up visibility with webinars and create 1,000-plus qualified marketing leads; how to get the visibility of 200,000 views in press and social media with a co-marketing campaign; how to get the alignment of two companies with leadership meetings; and how to reduce planning time on electrical floor plans by 50% by using custom application with Revit software.</p>

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to include electrical and smart building in BIM projects
    • Learn about the value of use cases for BIM in operation
    • Learn how to create intimacy with customers thanks to partnership with Autodesk
    • Learn about the future of electrical design and build