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How Parsons Is Incorporating Laser Scans from the BLK360 into Its Revit Projects
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This class will cover the use of BLK360, ReCAP Pro software, and Revit software. We will examine the scan-to-BIM process with Revit, and focus on a project where scan to BIM is letting our organization create accurate as-built models. This presentation will also demonstrate how easily users can measure from the point clouds and review planned alterations to drawings and/or models. We will also illustrate how our developed processes resulted in greater project efficiencies—the net result being reduced team sizes and faster completion times.

Key Learnings

  • Gain a greater understanding of scan to BIM for as-built modeling
  • Learn how to integrate scan to BIM into a workflow
  • Learn how to incorporate point clouds into Revit models
  • Discover some of the limitations and work-arounds of the overall process



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