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How to Manage BIM Content for Your Home-based Workforce

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    We’ve always had some Revit content management issues including how to maintain our shared parameters, libraries, schedules, typical details and how to get our teams to use these libraries. These issues were tough enough when most of us worked from the office. Now we have an even more challenging environment: a distributed, home-based workforce. We must find a long-term solution to be productive. If we had issues before, they are compounded by the lack of workflow control many of us now experience because of the dispersion of our workforce. Autodesk® has BIM 360®, is an excellent tool for project model sharing, but it does not solve the content management issues for a dispersed project team. This session will outline and demonstrate workflows that can be leveraged for both content management and the deployment of that developed content. We will talk through the issue and investigate options and workflows that can elegantly resolve the management and deployment issues we currently face.

    Key Learnings

    • Outline Revit® loadable content standardization practices
    • Outline Revit project content standardization practices
    • Define specific content distribution needs related to Revit
    • Demonstrate workflows simplifying the entire process