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How Location Amplifies the Value of Your BIM in Construction and Operation

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    Our panel discussion will be on the design-build process and how geographic information system (GIS) solutions improve project delivery. We'll also cover various aspects of construction, including construction monitoring, risk analysis, operations and maintenance planning, and site analysis. The panelists will share insights and project examples on how GIS technology has been used to monitor and track construction progress in real time, identifying potential risks and hazards associated with the construction process, and developing effective plans tailored to the project's specific needs. GIS technology can provide a comprehensive view of the site, including its topography, land use, and infrastructure, enabling the project team to make informed decisions throughout the design-build process. The discussion aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the design and design-build process and how GIS can be combined with building information modeling (BIM) and together maximized to improve project delivery.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the benefits of using GIS and BIM for construction monitoring, progress tracking, and project management.
    • Learn about the importance of risk analysis and mitigation in construction, and the role of GIS tools in identifying and managing potential risk.
    • Learn about the role of GIS in operations and maintenance planning, and its contribution to developing effective maintenance plans.
    • Learn about the use of GIS in site analysis for providing a comprehensive view of the infrastructure project and supporting informed decisions.