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How Lean Construction evolves with BIM and Data management

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    The demands for new homes in Scandinavia are at an extreme level and at the same time the demand for houses for public services such as nurseries, schools and other community initiatives has increased radically. At the same time, the regulations have become more stringent with demands for better, more energy efficient and sustainable buildings. The customers of today are also much more aware of the quality aspects of living and the demands on modern housing have also increased dramatically. Life quality and product quality goes hand in hand. The Nordic countries have a long tradition of prefabricating quality homes in an industrial way including 3D-modelling, automated machinery and production lines. But the increasing demands have led to a need to reform the traditional way to sell, design, and pre-construct. This has led to a shift in the industry from drawings and models to Design Automation and Data-management. BIM is becoming a necessity and automated workflows is a part of the package. By using Revit as a standardised platform for the whole process, from Sales and Marketing, Design Procurement, Preconstruction and CNC-output, and combined with specific tools and integrations to the manufacturers internal business systems great savings have been made with regards to time but also an increase in quality. By enriching the models with additional data using web-based solutions like BIM 360 and BIMeye more stakeholders can participate and share and contribute in the development. The seminar will present and demonstrate an integrated workflow through from Early design to hand over, including pre-construction, CNC and information to construction site.

    Key Learnings