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How BIM, New Tech, 3D Rebar, and Mixed Reality Enhance Design and Build Projects

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    Discover how implementing building information modeling (BIM) innovative concepts in design and build projects can greatly improve project efficiency and accuracy. By using the latest construction technologies such as mixed reality, LiDAR scans, and parametric design, construction teams can better visualize and plan projects, reducing errors in the construction phase. This class will showcase practical examples through projects delivered by LEVIATAN and UBITECH, major engineering offices in Romania that use Autodesk and GRAITEC software. Additionally, the use of these technologies can increase safety on construction sites and reduce the amount of time required to complete projects. Ultimately, these benefits lead to improved quality, reduced costs, and better outcomes for both construction teams and clients.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover technologies and workflows in the BIM process for design-and-build projects.
    • Learn about 3D rebar using GRAITEC Powerpack for Revit.
    • Learn about implementing immersive technological solutions for mixed reality using 3D model and HoloLens 2.
    • Learn about integrating both coordinated 3D models with all the project data and Lidar scans.