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Hinkley BIM: Successful Digital Construction (A Civil Contractor's View)

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    Most people are now familiar with a concept of level of detail and levels of information. Data and geometry have their benefits but when combined they become even more powerful. Stick time (4D) into the mix and we're starting to get somewhere. Get the models to a ‘Fit for Construction’ and you’ve cracked it. The aim of the presentation is to follow the data and the geometry from the design phase right through to construction on-site. To demonstrate how structured data and geometry when properly verified can be leveraged by design, planning, and through to on-site construction to ensure the project is delivered successfully. Throughout the levels of detail what do the various parties need? What does a planner want a level 3 model for? How much use is a level 1 model to a QS? What is the minimum amount of data they need? We will go through their requirements for successful delivery and demonstrate how they are leveraging the data and geometry day to day on the Hinkley project.

    Key Learnings

    • To understand the development of data and geometry throughout a project
    • To understand the importance of standard data structures, naming conventions, and data status
    • To understand how different functions within a construction company leverage the model and data
    • To understand how it's possible to fabricate directly from Navis