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High Quality BIM on Time with Autodesk Construction Cloud and Model Coordination

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    We've all been there: Delivery deadlines are closing in. Late model changes from other teams suddenly appear. How can we be sure that our models meet the requirements and quality that our clients expect from us when the time to do model coordination checks becomes shorter and shorter? In this session, we'll show how you can implement model coordination so your team is more efficient with automated clash detection using Autodesk Construction Cloud and Model Coordination. The era when only BIM coordinators could run clash detection is over! Be your own BIM coordinator!

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to set up a Model Coordination Space and add models with different file formats to the Coordination Space.
    • Learn how to filter out clashes depending on models and objects.
    • Learn about adding issues to clashes that need to be followed-up.
    • Learn best practices using automated clash detection.