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A Hardware Wonk's Guide to Specifying the Best 3D and BIM Workstations, 2015 Edition

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    Working with today's Building Information Modeling (BIM) tools presents a special challenge to your IT infrastructure. Wrestling with the computational demands of the Revit software BIM platform—as well 3ds Max Design software, Showcase software, Navisworks Manage software, Lumion software, and others—means that one needs the right knowledge to make sound investments in workstation and server hardware. Get inside the mind of a certified hardware geek to understand the variables to consider when purchasing hardware to support the demands of Autodesk, Inc.'s, suite of BIM and 3D applications. Fully updated for 2015, this class will give you the scoop on the latest advancements in workstation processors, motherboards, memory, and graphics cards. This year we will pay special attention to the latest advancements in graphics technologies to meet the demands of high-end rendering, animation, and visualization across a wide variety of platforms.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the relative computing demands of each of the applications in Building Design Suite
    • Discover the current state of the art and the sweet spots in processors, memory, storage, and graphics subsystems
    • Learn how to apply this knowledge to specifying workstations for different classes of BIM usage profiles
    • Learn how to shop for complete systems and individual components