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Goin' Big with Rebar in Revit Structure

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    This class builds on previous Autodesk University classes that taught rebar modeling and shop drawing tools in Revit Structure software. We will expand on this by showing how to manage a large rebar model and shop drawings for large building construction projects in Revit software. Using a 2000-plus ton rebar model for a $1 million, San Francisco, mixed-use, mid-rise project as an example, we will discuss how to use the Revit software model and add-ins to manage pours, fabrication data, and coordination between the contractor, rebar fabricator, and installer. We will present techniques that will help you use partitions and bar numbering to manage data in a large rebar model, as well as how to use parameters and filters to control and QC rebar delivery data. We will demonstrate spreadsheet links and add-ins to export rebar fabrication data from the Revit software model to input directly into common rebar cutting and bending software applications. You will also learn tips and tricks to help you take advantage of repetition to efficiently model rebar and annotate shop drawings.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover how to manage pours, fabrication, and delivery data, and coordination between CIP concrete entities
    • Learn how to use partitions and automatic bar number to develop a quality-control system for rebar data
    • Discover how rebar data can be exported from the Revit model for direct import into common rebar cutting and bending software
    • Discover tips and tricks to take advantage of repetition to efficiently model rebar and create shops for a large rebar job