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Get into It! Using Large Model Viewer, Virtual Reality, and Visualization to Bridge IT and Design.

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    Autodesk, Inc.'s, Large Model Viewer provides a platform for visualizing engineering assets on any platform. Large Model Viewer’s virtual-reality support enables immersive visualization experiences that were never possible before. This class will explore how we can integrate enterprise data with design data to provide context for assessments and decisions. It will look at how we can further enhance these contextual experiences by virtual and augmented reality. This session features A360 and AutoCAD Plant 3D. AIA Approved

    Key Learnings

    • Discuss combining design data with data from other systems
    • Learn how Large Model Viewer can be capitalized on and linked to data
    • Learn VR options and how to enable Large Model Viewer virtual-reality support
    • Discuss how VR and AR will impact the future