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The Future of Structural Detailing with Advance Steel, Revit Structure, and NISD

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    This session will present the new National Institute of Steel Detailers (NISD) curriculum for the Certificate of Detailing in Building Information Modeling (CD-BIM). This progressive new curriculum is free online and was done in a collaborative partnership with Autodesk, Inc. It highlights the foundational elements of BIM and additionally covers key topics such as model element Level of Development (LOD) in conjunction with the 2015 BIMForum’s LOD Specification. The course will show the fundamentals of creating and implementing good modeling practices as well as quality control and checking. It will also include the creation of shop drawings, details, erection drawings, and other fundamental elements of steel fabrication, such as advanced bills of materials. The curriculum is geared toward high school students and secondary education, and it introduces individuals to the structural steel industry, creating the next generation of steel detailers as well as structural engineers and steel fabricators.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the role of steel detailing and how to introduce more to the profession
    • Discover the certification process for steel detailing
    • Discover the role of Advance Steel in the process of structural steel fabrication and how it works with Revit Structure
    • Discover NISD and the CD-BIM