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The Future of Model Coordination is more than Clash Detection!

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    It has been a long road getting from there to here! Here we are again, on the precipice of a technology revolution. What will the future look like? What will the Autodesk Construction Cloud have in store? Most importantly, what will the Construction Industry embrace? Join this class to discuss what Model Coordination will mean, project delivery requirements, automation in the software, automation in the physical world, and the future of VDC roles. We will first time travel back to the beginning of Clash Detection and BIM Software, then we will compare that to current capabilities, and finally we will step into the future to explore the impact of what current cutting edge technology could have and review the tech workflows of the future.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand the path Clash Detection has taken
    • Learn current capabilities of Coordination
    • Explore future possibilities of Model Coordination
    • Discuss future technology capabilities