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From First Line to Final Design: VR as the Ultimate Creative Medium

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    Ever want to see virtual reality's (VR's) utility beyond glorified renders? VR's veracity of scale and presence provides entirely new creative capabilities. Before spending a dime, designers have the ability to iterate through ideas and then communicate them to clients and collaborators with incredible clarity at all stages of project development. Plans, sections, and even renderings of 3D models are all 2D representations of 3D space developed in 2D mediums. Only VR provides a fully 3D representation of 3D space, letting you design in a medium remarkably close to the end result. Drawing on my experience running a VR consultancy, I will show you how to take full advantage of VR as a practical, fun, and engaging new tool that leads to more-confident choices, clearer communication, and better design. Learn how to design from within VR itself. Cycle a project through VR across a workflow of VR design tools, Revit software, 3ds Max software, game engines-then rinse and repeat. Unleash your inner creative.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand the strengths of designing in VR over traditional methods
    • Learn how to communicate design intent with relatively simple VR sketches
    • Learn how to use VR at every stage of the design process
    • Learn how to cycle a VR methodology into existing workflows with Autodesk products