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Extended Structural Workflow Integration Between AutoCAD Plant 3D, Revit Structure, Robot Structural Analysis, and Advance Steel
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In this class we will explore an extended structural steel workflow between different Suite Solutions from Autodesk, Inc. Create, exchange, and optimize a steel structure using the power of different Autodesk Solutions in an integrated workflow. Design your steel structure and optimize it without the need to recreate it using the unique capabilities of the suite workflows. In this workflow we will cover the interoperability between the Solutions by starting to create a steel structure in AutoCAD Plant 3D software and importing the structure into Revit Structure software. Then we’ll exchange the structure to Robot Structural Analysis software for steel optimization; update the structure, drawings, and results in Revit Structure software; and export the optimized steel structure to Advance Steel software for structural detailing and the creation of shop drawings. We will use Navisworks software or BIM 360 Glue software to review the project and perform clash detection. Afterward we will reference the detailed structure back into AutoCAD Plant 3D software to complete the workflow.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to produce early stage structural models in AutoCAD Plant 3D
  • Learn how to optimize and elaborate the structural model in different environments
  • Explore the extended interoperability between different Autodesk Solutions
  • Discover the possibilities of the different Autodesk Solutions



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