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Express 4D Simulation Scheduling and Construction Management with Dynamo

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    4D time simulation in Navisworks software for construction projects are often complicated BIM (Building Information Modeling) services to be used on a daily basis. Reasons can include problems in model coordination, time and element mismatches, time model execution availability, and more. With this approach, we will use the Dynamo player and Dynamo workflows over Revit 2021 software to clean, manage, label, and even create a time schedule so 4D simulation can be easily created and the communication proposal facilitates model coordination and execution. We will cover several routine workflows so that all elements for any type of intelligent model are aligned clean and useful for project management, enabling us to link the model and time schedules with Navisworks in record time. This instructional demo is the synthesis of 13 years of simulations from different projects to make 4D simulation a required task for all projects.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to create in minutes a 4D simulation from model information and construction workflows.
    • Solve time scheduling for a model-related structure, and get a Microsoft Project output.
    • Learn how to integrate Dynamo player routines as a model quality checkup process for construction management.
    • Learn how to use time information on Revit software’s model to create comparatives and different types of analysis.