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Pre-conference Session    CCS344742
Estimating, CAD, Build Data Roundtrip – The future of Data Analytics for Contractors
Autodesk University
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How do contractors adapt their estimating and project management processes to the new world of increased modular manufacturing and prefabrication?

Because contractors want to take advantage of CAD model data and manage projects with more precise estimates, we need methods to better align data to process. Discover the next generation of Data Analytics – hidden in your data.

This class reviews the power and benefits of using model-based estimates to predict and create future estimates more accurately and manage projects more concisely. Explore the challenges and obstacles to aligning field provided data, including cost code structures and automation of cost code creation, along with data alignment and the requirements to implement estimating of fabrication ITMs and families. Examine how to practically proceed in building process around tracking data, collecting then organizing data to use in the next generation of tools for predictive estimate values and project sales tools like CRM.

Key Learnings

  • Design Cost Code Standardization for your company.
  • Understand process to implement estimating for CAD models.
  • Begin a simple process to store your project data and review.


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