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Efficiently enabling optimal workflows using the AECC in a BIM dominated industry

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    Uniformity is becoming more important and is still an elusive concept for many. We will outline this issue and mention the importance of consistent output. This seminar will cover how you can create and adopt efficient workflows for your project(s) and company. Make sure you are up to date with technology and innovation and discover how important active research is for a business. Discover a path that ensures you and/or your company is not a follower but rather a leader, making a positive contribution to improving the industry standards. This seminar is relevant to anyone, from engineer and technician to management, and all others who are interested. A structural background may be beneficial but is not required, as we cover software such as Revit software, Advance Steel software, and BIM Docs 360 software and their interaction in practice through case studies.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn efficient workflows (Autodesk software).
    • Discover new perspectives into innovation (DfMA case study).
    • Learn how to keep up with development and competition.
    • Learn how to have consistent high-quality output and uniformity.