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Efficient Ways to Visualize and Analyze Data in a BIM 360 Project with Power BI
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BIM (Building Information Modeling) practitioners are seeking more-efficient ways to analyze the accumulated data in BIM 360 projects on a daily basis. Microsoft Power BI is a popular, powerful tool that provides intelligent dashboards to inspect the data. In this class, we will show you three different ways to analyze BIM 360 projects data with Power BI for BIM coordination and communication purposes. The first way will be with no coding; the second will be with a little bit of coding; and the third way will be with real programing (and handy templates). You will also learn how to build a simple app that integrates Power BI and Forge. Join us and discover which method is suited for your skill set and your workflow, or combine them in different scenarios.

Key Learnings

  • Explore the BIM 360 data available for inspecting a project.
  • Discover the different ways to utilize and integrate BIM 360 project data with Power BI.
  • Learn how to use the Forge API to extract data automatically.
  • Learn how to build an interactive visualization tool using Forge and Power BI.



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