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EQ House: The Future of Our Architecture with AI and IoT

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    The class will be a lecture on the EQ house, the actually built architecture that AI and IoT deployed. It was completed in March of 2019. Installed with advanced IoT technology and AI, EQ House is expected to be attached by the owner as if it were life-like architecture. It is installed with varied sensors to perceive environmental status and accumulates data about the owner’s preference by means of “like” buttons from the smart watch. The experimental design, inspection, and fabrication process was also needed to actually realize the futuristic architecture of the EQ House. By using the optimization process, the design period to determine the pattern of the facade decreased by 60% and through the inspection using BIM 360 Docs software and mixed reality decreased 20%, and the fabrication by 25%.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the future of architecture with AI and IoT
    • Discover new ideas about human-centered lifelike architecture
    • Learn how to shorten the project schedule by using computational design and digital fabrication
    • Learn about the optimization management system with machine learning