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Dynamic Energy Modeling

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    This class will explore the utilization of Autodesk, Inc., products in the development of early phase energy models that help guide the Design Team in the development of sustainable and cost-effective Building Solutions. We will cover the use of Vasari software as an early tool for conceptual level analysis and how we can effectively hand off this geometry to more detailed modeling engines for additional analysis. We will also explore Revit software as a tool for developing complex building geometries for energy analysis that maintain the flexibility to be rapidly updated as building design advances. These strategies also compliment Autodesk cloud-computing services, including the Autodesk 360 cloud-computing platform for data storage, as well as options for rendering and daylighting in the cloud for additional analysis and development of presentation materials.

    Key Learnings

    • Identify strategies for integrating energy modeling and BIM protocols
    • Learn how to utilize Autodesk cloud services for rapid modeling output
    • Understand value added to a project from early design phase modeling
    • Learn how to create presentation and reporting material using Autodesk cloud-computing services