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Drone 2 Design: Harness the power of the AEC Collection

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    In this session, we explore workflows of utilizing data captured via an unmanned aerial vehicle, one for Civil Engineering, and one for Architecture. For Civil the end result is an existing surface and orthomosaic photo, and for Architecture we discuss acquiring building orbits and modeling in Revit. In this session, we take a look at two (2) different workflows of utilizing data captured via an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), one for Civil Engineering & Surveying (CES), and the other for Architecture. For CES, we cover best practices from processing drone data in Recap Pro, then taking those results into Infraworks and ultimately Civil 3D. The end result is a TIN surface and georeferenced orthomosaic photo for existing base file creation. For Architecture, we describe the data capture process from acquiring multiple building orbits, and working with that data in Recap Mobile for the iPad Pro, and ultimately a usable model in Revit.

    Key Learnings

    • Develop your own workflows for Reality Capture data.
    • Build strong knowledge of the basics with Recap Pro.
    • Classify point cloud data with Infraworks.
    • Create an existing surface in Civil 3d.