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Drive Your Inspection Test Plan (ITP) Completion with BIM 360 Field
Anthony Neal
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MWH are a global engineering and construction management company who build some of the world’s largest wastewater treatment plants. MWH in conjunction with Autodesk Consulting have implemented an innovative method to embed the construction Inspection Test Plan (ITP) inside BIM 360 Field. This method makes ITP completion intuitive for the site manager and enables the off-site quality management team and project manager to monitor its progress. Zoe Robertson from MWH and Anthony Neal from Autodesk Consulting will demonstrate how an ITP that has been documented in MS Excel can be generated into Autodesk BIM 360 Field clearly showing the building elements that require inspection and what quality inspections need to be conducted. We will also demonstrate how the ITP process can be further streamlined by embedding it in the BIM model during design. We will also discuss the people aspects that need to be understood and considered when driving QA/QC completion on-site.

Key Learnings

  • Improve quality inspection completion rate by embedding the ITP in BIM360 Field.
  • Monitor the projects ITP completion to drive its completion.
  • Setup and configure BIM360 Field and Glue to embed the ITP
  • Understand what drives people to complete their QA/QC.


Anthony Neal
Anthony has been with Autodesk for over 16 years and works with construction and engineering companies to implement the Autodesk digital construction toolset (BIM 360) and realise its benefits. He works directly with on-site construction teams (project managers, site managers, foremen) and off-site teams (H&S and quality managers, construction directors, design managers). He believes strongly that understanding the process and people actually doing the job are key to the company getting its return on the technology investment. One of Anthony's primary goals is to build teams of BIM 360 implementation specialists so they can be confident and self-sufficient in implementing and driving adoption of the toolset themselves. He has been successful in building these teams at large construction companies including Balfour Beatty, Bam, Hill Partnerships, and construction engineering companies including MWH Global.

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