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Doing More and Better with Less Using Automation

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    BIM and automation with standardisation are helping us explore more options, significantly reduce human error, and deliver client needs faster. In this session, we will share how Arcadis is using Revit and Civil 3D, going beyond out-of-box functionalities, writing scripts, and using Dynamo and .NET solutions to automate mundane repetitive work. Infrastructure design and engineering has always been a multidisciplinary affair and complex in nature. In the last couple of decades, advancement in Information Technology (IT) has brought tremendous benefits in some of the business sectors like telecom, banking, manufacturing, and medical; however, infrastructure / AEC is still lagging in harnessing the benefits of IT advancement. We all have seen significant progress in design technologies in the form of some intelligent, user-friendly, accurate, and efficient tools which have enabled groups of engineers to speed planning, analysing, and designing. However, usage has remained in smaller groups or department-specific activities and hasn't broken interdisciplinary boundaries. Interoperability and seamless data sharing between various design and modelling tools are challenges that have not eased much in the AEC industry. Having said that, automation in design and engineering brings much relief to address some of these challenges.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how design and engineering automation helps us achieve more, better, with less
    • Discover tools and technologies to implement automation in infrastructure projects
    • Understand automation of structural BIM models using Dynamo and Revit linked to design parameters