Lecture    AB3200
A Dissection of the USACE BIM Contract Requirements
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As the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) continues on its path towards fully utilizing BIM, ensuring that the private sector understands what is required to deliver a BIM-based project is paramount to success. This class will discuss the collaborative development of the USACE BIM contract language, discuss requirements, list deliverables, and explain the USACE BIM project execution plan (PxP) template and the new Minimum Modeling Matrix (M3). The class will be followed by a followup roundtable session for extensive, interactive Q&A with attendees and members from the USACE BIM/Advisory Committee. If you'd like to participate in the roundtable discussions, sign up for classes AB7040-R or AB7380-R.

Key Learnings

  • Correctly implement USACE BIM and PxP template requirements
  • Learn from the successes and challenges of the USACE in implementing BIM-based delivery
  • Explain the history of USACE BIM and PxP template requirements
  • Explain the intent of USACE BIM and PxP template requirements



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