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Digitization of Lake of Como Road Design: The Anas Experience

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    If you're interested in faster and more effective project validation, this class will help you discover how Anas has improved its performance by adopting building information modeling (BIM) design and checking/validation processes for the case study of the new road "SS 340 Tremezzina” in the north-west of Italy's Lake Como. We'll explore the main challenges and benefits obtained by implementing digital processes to manage the design and validation phases within the Italian public contracting authority (Anas), using Revit, Civil 3D, and InfraWorks software for design and Navisworks software for checking/validation via the interoperable Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) format. Finally, we will present the potential applications planned for the construction stage, with the aim of speeding up the contractor's inspection and payment activities, and for the operations and maintenance stage, with the aim of improving the quality of operations using the digital twin.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the Anas vision to implement BIM and digital processes for a road project.
    • Learn about implementing strategies for checking and validating IFC open format in a road project.
    • Discover the key validation activities for automation.
    • Discover relevant challenges and benefits resulting from using BIM workflows.