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Design to Visualization: How to make Virtual Reality a Reality in a Design Firm

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    In this class, we'll look at how to make virtual reality (VR) a reality at your design firm-with a small hardware investment and some inspired team members. Starting with understanding the different possible solutions, we'll look at how to use the technology throughout all phases of design and construction. We'll also look at how good model management is critical to the success of the virtual environment. By the end of the class, my goal is to have you feeling better about deciding on a road map to implement VR at your practice.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand how to utilize virtual reality for use in the design, documentation, and construction processes
    • Learn how to identify aspects of good model management and how it leads to a better, faster, and more efficient virtual environment
    • Learn how to create a plan for implementing emerging technologies into your practices
    • Identify the direction of visualization best suited for your needs and the technology requirements that go along with it