Pre-conference Session    CCS323269
Design to Delivery: A Digital Tale in BIM 360
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The steps from conception to design to construction to handover form quite a fragmented process. Not only are people coming and going, stakeholders changing, and risks shifting throughout the processes, but the tech stack supporting the process is fragmented, creating data silos and interoperability gaps. It’s no wonder that projects are coming in over budget, behind schedule, and suboptimally optimized for operations and maintenance. This presentation will take a step back and peel back the layers of this complex, fragmented process. We’ll explore how a design-driven, data-centered workflow managed through BIM 360 software from construction to handover closes the loop in the building continuum. This will close the loop in the value chain so that stakeholders can communicate more effectively for the most value-driven design, construction, and operation of a building.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to standardize project delivery processes to save thousands of dollars on every job and increase worker productivity
  • Learn how to develop design-driven workflows for construction to close the loop in a building continuum
  • Learn how to increase visibility on projects and eliminate the inconsistencies tearing at profit margins on every project
  • Develop strategy to digitize design and field operations to keep all your information current in real time




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