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Data-Driven Decision Making with BIM 360 Insight

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    BIM 360 Insight delivers unified data, analytics, and reporting for architecture, engineering, and construction customers on the next-generation BIM 360 platform. In this session, BIM 360 Product Management Team will review the recent enhancements to the BIM 360 Insight module, and share priorities of our product road map. Come and learn about the capabilities of our new BIM 360 project home page, dashboard ecosystem, and reports, powered by the BIM 360 data platform. We will also review the advancements in our Project IQ initiative, which uses advanced machine-learning techniques to help your company and project teams identify risk and make data-driven decisions to improve project outcomes. You will have the opportunity to interact with our Product Management Team, share feedback, and discuss road map items.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the capabilities of BIM 360 Insight module for data and analytics
    • Learn about the top priorities for our project home page, dashboards and reports, and data platform
    • Understand how you can capitalize on BIM 360 Insight to help data-driven decision making in your projects and company
    • Interact directly with the BIM 360 Product Management Team, and provide feedback on current features and road-map priorities