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Connecting FormIt and Dynamo for Predesign Formal Thinking:

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    FormIt software connects 3 elements of the early design process that are relevant to every project: contextual information, building performance simulation, and parametric modification. Learning to connect these pieces quickly and efficiently in the architectural, 3D sketch style environment of FormIt enables quick design iteration opening new modes of design thinking. This session will illustrate a process that we're teaching architecture design students: First, how to quickly build design context (both from data acquisition sites like Flux and the creation of custom models) of buildings and topography. Second, how to develop predesign simulations to inform decisions and create a baseline standard for building performance. And finally, how to develop formal strategies by using parametric processes with Dynamo software connecting design ideas and simulation data. In closing, the session will cover predesign visualization beyond FormIt, pushing the file to fabrication (3D printing and computer numerical control) and virtual reality.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to generate a context model and contextual data for a design project in FormIt
    • Learn how to use Dynamo to develop formal design strategies to respond to both analytical data and visceral design thinking
    • Learn how to push the model to virtual reality for early design-process exploration and communication
    • Learn how to export the model for fabrication, including CNC cutting (site) and 3D printing (design and context)