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Connecting the Dots: Integrating Project Delivery

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    This panel discussion will explore opportunities to manage construction execution by creating a performance-based strategy to align project performance with anticipated outcomes, thus creating the high-performing building. Using principles such as the simple framework (Integrating project delivery 2017; Reed, Fischer, Khanzode, Ashcraft), production planning methods, lean principles, and integrated design and information, the discussion will explain strategy, practice, and vision of future state. The panel will provide insight into the theory and opportunities for improving performance. Once the framework has been agreed on, teams can operate a performance management system by defining the performance criteria and validating performance through data collection for specific and measurable metrics. We’ll look at how system alignment throughout the project lifecycle in a collaborative environment provides transparent and robust information to the team for optimized performance.

    Key Learnings

    • Discuss and understand the value of creating an environment of performance
    • Discuss and understand how BIM and lean design support performance management
    • Discuss and understand integrated information workflows
    • Discuss and understand measuring the success of high-performing teams