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Connecting BIM and GIS: The New Reality of Environmental Projects

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    While talking about BIM (Building Information Modeling) and geographic information system (GIS) integration, it is clear that these are two systems with their specific purposes and use cases: GIS, with its mapping features and geographical database, and BIM as an object-based information model, tailored for built assets. The connection between the two platforms is advancing and gaining credibility, especially in large complex projects. Architectural and civil projects tend to use BIM technologies, while environmental projects are traditionally carried out using GIS systems. In this class, we will look beyond the standard use of 2D maps, GIS layers, and shapefile sets. We will go through all the benefits, challenges, and differences between using GIS and BIM technologies. The adoption of 3D and BIM processes and technologies will largely benefit the environment and remediation industries. It will open the door for more-inclusive stakeholder engagement, better design quality, and data-driven decision making.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to close the gap between GIS and BIM.
    • Discover the advantages of using mixed tools.
    • Discover the benefits of looking beyond.
    • Learn how to apply a BIM approach for a map-based industry.