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Connect and Construct - Building the Workflows of the Future: A Partnering Workshop I

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    You bring the construction knowledge, Autodesk brings the technology! In this interactive workshop, you will work with stakeholders across the project lifecycle to address challenges in project delivery. In each 60-minute session, you will tackle a construction challenge on topics that touch diverse aspects of project delivery. Explore how the GC can build productive relationships with architects, conquer the supply chain, build without drawings, or make prefabrication methods prevalent. In this session, you will learn from industry experts already implementing excellence, network with your peers as you build solutions, and connect with Autodesk teams for ongoing research efforts.

    Facilitators will include:

    - Laurie Spitler, Autodesk

    - Josh Bone, Construction Technology Specialist, DEWALT

    - G. Andy Leek, CM-BIM, VDC Director, Paric Corporation

    - DJ Phipps, Construction Technology Group Manager, XL Construction

    - Nathan Wood, Chief Enabling Officer, SpectrumAEC

    - Lana Gochenauer, VDC Manager, Lease Crutcher Lewis

    - Zach Scheel, P.E., cofounder and CEO, Rhumbix

    Key Learnings