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Come to the Light: Revit Lighting and Daylighting Performance Analysis for Everyone

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    Until recently, daylighting performance modeling was a customized skill in the world of design building, requiring tedious and highly technical model setup with specialty analysis software. With new tools for Revit software, easily repeatable analysis workflows are now possible with results available in-canvas. Therefore, users can get preconfigured, industry-standard, quality information quickly and on demand using the designer's full Revit software geometry. Computationally intensive processes are moved to a fast simulation engine in the cloud to free up computer resources and offer speeds 50 to 1000 times faster than comparable tools. This class will demonstrate live a number of workflows using 2 of these new tools: the Lighting Analysis tool for Revit software helps automate simulation and results management for typical daylighting analyses like LEED 8.1; the Rendering Illuminance tool for Revit software enables flexible and general visualization of illuminance levels for any time, location, or sky condition for any Revit software 3D view.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to apply the essential metrics for evaluating lighting and daylighting performance
    • Learn how to set up a Revit software model with effective practices for getting valid lighting-simulation results
    • Learn how to perform and prepare a full LEED 2009 IEQc8.1 daylighting credit submission
    • Learn how to perform advanced and detailed lighting and daylighting analyses, and share results with remote collaborators